Michiel Groeneveld is a Dutch guitarist, pianist and singer who has been around quite some time.
Originally based in the town of Deventer, The Netherlands, he witnessed and joined the 1970’s
Deventer school rock scene and continued composing and recording music until this present day.
Among the many projects Michiel took part in, were the historic performance at the notorious
Deventer Parkpop Festival with members of Deventer bands Delay and Lady Lake in the late 1970’s,
playing keyboards in the band Checkpoint (together with Berend Dubbe – Bettie Serveert/Bauer)
and later bands New Image and Ides Of May.
He continued his musical journey with solo projects including the music score for the movie
about the restoration of the Dutch historic vessel Batavia. He also wrote music for commercials
and documentaries. Michiel releases his work (sometimes accompanied by other musicians) under
the name of Rainmen At Sunset.
Michiel’s albums are mostly instrumental and his music is rather heavily influenced by The Beatles,
Focus, Gentle Giant and Steely Dan, not to mention jazz influences by the Dutch band Solution,
Dave Brubeck and Yellow Jackets.
Apart from this instrumental repertoire, he has quite some singer/songwriter material that has
not yet been published.

The story so far...:

1966 The Movers – teenage band playing Beatles songs
1970 First original compositions.
1972 Founding member of Delay together with Jan Dubbe (drums) and Willem Molenaar (bass),
playing original compositions and covers.
1973 - ’79 Sessions with Lady Lake members and other friends.
1975 – ’76 Deventer Music School, guitar lessons by Pablo de Moor.
1975 – ’77 Solo performances and supporting act playing original material (accompanied by members of Delay).
1977 Opening act at Deventer Pop & Rock Festival with members of Delay.
1979 Autumn’s Daughter, original songs as well as covers.
1980 Start of home recording (original English lyrics).
1981 Checkpoint together with Berend Dubbe, Jerry van der Wolff and Robbert Bekkema.
1983 New Image – single ‘Did it Really Happen?’. Production Erik van Tijn, Artisound Amsterdam
1984 Ides Of May – single ‘It’s Killing Me’. Production Roel Toering, Stable Sound Arnhem.
Many gigs, including supports for Vandenberg and Herman Brood.
1985 Zutphen Music School, piano lessons by Rien Wulffraat.
1987 Building home recording studio. At present Michiel works with Apple/Mac and Cubase/ProTools.
1995 Recordings of The 80’s, a collection of singles and other home recording productions.
1996 Dutch Poetry collections "Liefdesgedichten" and "Patat Halen En Andere Culinaire Hoogstandjes".
1999 Soundtrack for The Return of the Batavia (CD)
2000 The Return of the Batavia (CD-Rom)
  20 Tuney Tunes(CD with Tunes)
  Zaterdag/Funhouse (Dutch Song)
  Orchestral Works (CD)
2001 Blue (CD)
2002 Newtonmore Tales (CD) music for documentary about Scotland.
2003 Signorita production Dick Kemper.
2007 Art Is Evil (CD) production Frans  Hagenaars.
2011 March 17, Live gig FFnaarSteef.
2011 March 31, First Poems on gedichten.nl.